A lot of fun and an intense workout. It really pushes you to work hard! You meet a lot of different people so on a social aspect it is really nice. We train down at circo massimo, so the exercises are varied and you really have to use all your muscles. Gary always changes the exercises so it is never boring or repetitive. He is always giving advice while you train so you improve your technique as well as increasing stamina and endurance. We do various interval training exercises as well as intense uphill training exercises. I highly recommend it! E per gli Italiani potete praticare anche il vostro inglese 

Martin Farren FAO

From the moment I started working with Gary I knew he was a person that could help me achieve new goals and also the one that would help change my life for the better. I started training with Gary at the beginning of March, 2015 – weighing 60kg (perhaps a before and after photo is required here). During this time I have been challenged and pushed and he has taught me a great deal. He makes working out fun and inspires me to reach new goals. Having gained mass and weighted a complete transformation was possible.
Yes – he vexes sometimes but it is because he has a vested interest in seeing improvements and change – your success is HIS success (yes, he always makes it about him!!  )

Paul Howard FAO

I arranged a bootcamp for people at work and the feedback is fantastic. We all love the sessions which are hard work but great fun. Each session is different with an occasional challenge thrown in to bring out our competitive sides!! I highly recommend Gary’s bootcamp!!

Ailsa Cackett

Ho iniziato dal’allenarmi con Gary a gennaio di 2016 e gli risultati che sto vedendo ora mi portano una soddisfazione veramente grande! Sono più in forma che sono mai stata e ho un obiettivo d’essere ancora più in forma per il mio matrimonio a giugno! Gary è sempre stato onesta con me di non aspettare risultati subito perché è un processo che deve essere a lungo termine. E sicuramente il miglior personal trainer a health city Termini e il mio consiglio è che se volete perdere kili, sentirvi meglio, allenarvi per qualcosa specifico andate con lui!

Ceinwen Seymour Personal Trainer in Cardiff

Gary mi aveva incuriosito perchè avevo notato il suo allenamento funzionale. Trovo che abbia un ottimo metodo: seguirlo con costanza mi ha fatto sentire in forma, atletico senza mai avere quell’approccio esasperato molto comune nelle palestre di oggi. Da ex calciatore è un vero sportivo e forse da quando mi alleno con lui lo sono anche io un pò di più 😉

Alberto Chiosi Notary in Rome

Gary Cassin is proposing an intense “out of the box” work out that is a lot of fun too! He made me reevaluate the way I should be training. It’s all a mind game with Gary. He knows how to motivate you. How to make you go further and try harder. Needless to say that with him you will never get bored while working out because he invents always new exercises and routines. “Variety” is a key word in his work. And last but not least. Gary has a positive attitude, he welcomes you always with a smile and keeps the perfect equilibrium between professionalism and friendship. A friend that for your own good will make you sweat…. actually sweat a LOT!!!!!!!

Aris Athanassiou Marketing manager

I’d definitely recommend everyone arranges for at least one PT session package with Gary in their lifetime.
They don’t come better than this: 360 degree knowledge and understanding of the job, including the medical and mechanical workings behind it all; sound and – above all – realistic dietary advice tailored to suit the person and not just a name on a schedule; a total lack of complacency towards the job AND the person – each lesson is a dynamic one-off that somehow manages to dovetail with both the previous session and the next session without the hint of repetition; progress and results are guaranteed as Gary actively inspires you to be serious about your investment. And last but not least, why would anyone NOT want the opportunity to work with the Most Personable of Personal Trainers currently in the Eternal City? Queue this way, folks!!!

Philip Gorman United Nations Departement of Economic and Social Affairs

Non pensavo di averne bisogno. Pensavo di potermela cavare da sola. Mentre mi allenavo lo osservavo. Sempre professionale. Sempre sorridente. Sempre empatico. E i suoi clienti: sempre più belli! Ho iniziato ad allenarmi con Gary quest’estate dopo un brutto ” incidente “. È stata una parte essenziale della cura. Ora non posso più farne a meno! Grazie Gary. Grazie Amico.

Rosaria Ferro Engineer in Rome

I’ve been going to bootcamp with Gary for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it and actually look forward to my two sessions a week. I was very sceptical when I first pitched up as the only circuit training I had done previously was dreadful and a continuous ‘beasting’ which was painful and demoralising! Gary pushes our group but we always end up having a giggle about something which makes it fun. I feel better, I feel fitter and for an old gal who thought this sort of exercise was long gone, that is a miracle. I would thoroughly recommend Gary to anyone, whatever your fitness level is or whatever your aims are, he can help.

Becky Thompson British Embassy in Rome

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