Personal Trainer

Bootcamp Leader

OCR Coach 

Sport & Recreation Degree 

BBS Sports Management Higher Degree

Masters in International, Business & Entrepreneurship

National Diploma Personal Training 1st Level

Owner of Gary Cassin PT Studio


Hey, I’m Gary, and I’m a professional Personal Trainer, Exercise Specialist, and bootcamp coach with more than 10 years experience in Ireland and Italy. I have my own cosy personal training studio just a stones throw from the Colosseum. Previously I  worked as a personal trainer at Health City Roma Termini for three and a half years.


So, you clicked here to know a bit about me?

Well, firstly I’ll tell you what brought a big Irish barbarian to Rome. Yea you’ve guessed right! Love. So, with that, in October 2012, I decided to move to Rome with only three words of Italian – Ciao’, ‘gelato’ and ‘caffe’. I just spoke English with an Italian accent at the beginning to get me by, but since then I have become fluent in Italian – apart from the odd gender mistake (a gym being a girl for one).

I offer personal training in both English and Italian which is great for both expats and Italians alike. Many expats want a trainer who speaks their language, and many Italians want to perfect their English.

I live in the most gorgeous Roman suburb called Centocelle with my amazing wife Claudia, and I get around the city on my trusted mountain bike (I’m lucky to still be alive I know!). I got married to my best bud in July 2016, and she is my silent, but vital, business partner.



My background…

At the age of 21 I had to retire from professional sport due to injury to my groin (don’t laugh!). I had played soccer at the highest possible level in Ireland with Longford Town F.C, which is probably the Italian equivalent of Serie Z, but I also represented the Republic of Ireland national team from the age of fourteen to nineteen winning many caps along the way.

Being constantly injured (my nickname was ‘sick note’), and having left school at the age of fourteen, I really didn’t know what I was going to do with life. Sport was the only thing that I was  passionate about, so it was the obvious path for me. After a lot of soul searching I didn’t find one but I did come to realise that education is fundamental, so I enrolled myself in a gateway to university programme for people who hadn’t finished school. From there I was offered a scholarship at Athlone Institute of Technology to do a Sport & Recreation Studies course.

Obviously I jumped at the chance!

Although I was a confident and ambitious  21 year old (not cocky and arrogant as everybody thought!). I was also extremely anxious about re-entering education. I was fearful that I would make a fool of myself in front of others by asking the lecturer a stupid question or by failing exams miserably. This inferiority complex drove me to work longer and harder than everyone else, and I looked at them as competitors who I had to beat (even though in reality everybody could have succeeded equally). I knew that to catch them I needed to spend more time than them in the library, and I would always make sure that I was the first one there and the last one to leave – like when I played football.



Feeling inferior to someone or something can sometimes work positively, as it give you more focus, drive and determination. You can adopt the ‘I’ll show them!’ attitude, and this was the case for me. When I wanted to take a day off from studying I reminded myself that my classmates were four years ahead of me in their studies. Hard work and determination really does pay off because four years later I graduated with an honours degree (1:1), and I was awarded the ‘Student of the Year’ award for my academic achievements. After I graduated in from a four year  Sports Management degree I went on to complete a MBA in Business and Entrepreneurship at A.I.T.

Since then I have gained many years of  knowledge in health, fitness and nutrition which I share gladly with my clients.


My training methods are a bit different from other personal trainers in Rome

as I also bring ideas from overseas that gives me a great strategic advantage here in Italy. I have also worked with the best coaches in Ireland including Brian Kerr & Packie Bonner who taught me a lot about motivation and how important it is to have a professional attitude.


In 2015 and 2016, I was grateful to be chosen as the personal trainer for the Roman finalists of the Italian weight loss competition Posso Farcela –