One-on-one Personal Training?

Invest in Yourself

When your hair needs cutting / styling what do you do? Where do you go when you want to eat something special? When you want clothes that fit your body perfectly who do you ask? The majority of people seek out a professional be it a chef, tailor, hairdresser, beautician etc. Why do you go to them? It's not because you are not capable of doing the job yourself. It's because there are experts who specialise in specific fields, and they can obtain better results than you could due to their level of training and experience.

Personal Training is the same thing, but it is more important because it is YOU that you are investing in. You are paying a trainer to take your physical body, and transform it into the form that you would like to see in the mirror. You could obtain your desired results alone, let's be clear, but I. as your Personal Trainer will get you to that destination quicker. Check out the reviews from my clients to see how I improved them. Positive results  come in a variety of ways. It can be weight loss, weight gain, increased strength, increased speed etc - but for many, the best result is the moment that they start to love the person that's looking back at them in the mirror.


What do you want to achieve?

Define Your Goals

One-on-one training means that YOU get my undivided attention in a non threatening environment.

The studio is just for you so you don't need to have any inhibitions about being judged by other gym goers. At the beginning I will sit down with you and we will have a chat about the past, present, & future you. From there we'll sketch out a plan for your short, medium, and long term goals taking into account your specific objectives, time frame, body shape, exercise preferences, current condition, health requirements, and lifestyle.

Then, we will schedule workouts together at convenient times for you, and I will show you how to execute all of the various movements that need to be done correctly while exercising. Exercises that are performed poorly can lead to injury either immediately or progressively.
The most important part of our relationship is the SUPPORT and motivation that I will provide you, especially if you start to lose sight of your goals.

Personal Training

"All that challenges you body, feeds your mind".

Get Inspired

Everything is possible

Edward is a demographer with a busy life, studying and travelling around the world.

He decided to invest in himself, to challenge his body. 

On the left, Edward in November 2015 (92kg, 26%bf)

On the right Edward in June 2016 (83.4kg, 16%bf)

This shows you what dedication and passion can do.
Every "but" between you and your goal is an excuse. 

Why it is important being healthy.

A healthy lifestyle works for our body like an engine. It was proved that avoiding overeating, exercising or getting enough sleep, have a primary role in brain cellular growth (neurogenesis) and endorphin release. 

All that challenges your body, challenges your brain cells, improving also your attitude to stay socially connected. All that comes from healthy lifestyle, protects your brain from dementia and prevents your body from injuries and diseases. This combination factors is immediately visible in an increased level of energy and enthusiasm in every life aspect. 

Always learning new things, and staying busy exercising your body and mind, will help you being sharp and cognitive, happy and in control with your life. Being socially and physically active will lead you far from social isolation and depression, far from stress, feeding your good mood.