No queues for equipment

No life-long contracts

No pricey joining fee

No pricey membership fees


At GC Personal Training & Bootcamps, you are more than just a member – we consider you a part of the family. Which is why we don’t use swipe cards or assign you a number. We believe that exercise should be fun, and a place where you can make friends and train with likeminded people. No matter what age you are, what gender you identify as, or your current fitness level, we create physically tough functional workouts that will make you get great results and keep them. There’s no nonsense, no bad attitudes and no negative judgments.”
We’re proud of the fact that we don’t need to make people sign a contract to oblige them to return. We’re totally confident that you’ll come back after your first session because you’ll see that we care about you, and will strive to make you make you feel comfortable in pursuit of your goals.
Standard gyms define their success on the quantity of members, who they then hope don’t show up as it clutters the gym. We in fact are the total opposite. If you don’t come, you don’t pay. You pay based on your attendance. Therefore, we celebrate body transformations, and overall well being of our clients, not membership numbers. Our clients are our shop window. They are our walking advertisements. Therefore we know that by treating them well, and getting them into great shape will result in positive word of mouth for us. 
Your programme will be completely personalised to your objectives, lifestyle, and body shape!