Martin Farren

A lot of fun and an intense workout. It really pushes you to work hard! You meet a lot of different people […]

Paul Howard

From the moment I started working with Gary I knew he was a person that could help me achieve new goals and […]

Ailsa Cackett

I arranged a bootcamp for people at work and the feedback is fantastic. We all love the sessions which are hard work […]

Ceinwen Seymour

Ho iniziato dal’allenarmi con Gary a gennaio di 2016 e gli risultati che sto vedendo ora mi portano una soddisfazione veramente grande! […]

Alberto Chiosi

Gary mi aveva incuriosito perchè avevo notato il suo allenamento funzionale. Trovo che abbia un ottimo metodo: seguirlo con costanza mi ha […]

Aris Athanassiou

Gary Cassin is proposing an intense “out of the box” work out that is a lot of fun too! He made me […]

Philip Gorman

I’d definitely recommend everyone arranges for at least one PT session package with Gary in their lifetime. They don’t come better than […]

Rosaria Ferro

Non pensavo di averne bisogno. Pensavo di potermela cavare da sola. Mentre mi allenavo lo osservavo. Sempre professionale. Sempre sorridente. Sempre empatico. […]

Becky Thompson

I’ve been going to bootcamp with Gary for a couple of months now and I absolutely love it and actually look forward […]